At Edgar-Reeves we feel the proper shade is of consummate importance. A shade can often be more of a focal point than the lamp itself. And if the shade is wrong for the lamp…DISASTER! In selecting a shade, we sometimes make the analogy of wearing your little black dress from Target with that elegant diamond pin Grandmother left you. Guess where the eye focuses!

Before being in the lampshade business, we only knew the word SHADE as a noun. At Edgar-Reeves, we spend our days “shading” clients’ lamps, as well as those lamps in our own inventory. To shade a lamp is an active verb.

If you are looking for help with shading your lamp, the first thing we need to know is the planned use of the lamp. Specifically, we are interested in where you will use the lamp and the type of décor that suits your taste. Is the anticipated space traditional, transitional or modern? What is your color palette? And are you looking for a soft-backed shade with pleats? If so, let’s talk about the fabric: silk, linen or COM (customer’s own material). We have even made shades from hemp string…a great casual look. Or you may opt for a hard-back shade and have a cleaner look. Think of your fabric and finish at the top and bottom of the shade (rolled edge, roll fold or self trim). The last factor in selecting a shade is the shape: drum, empire, round, square or rectangular. The sky is the limit! In the past, we have even created lovely star-shaped shades. For an added touch, we can add custom trims in complimentary or contrasting colors. Just remember, we’re happy to do what YOU want, but custom-made shades take time and planning. Alternatively, we carry an extensive inventory of shades (imported and domestic) in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Once your shade is selected, you’ll need the proper harp. Do you need nickel or brass finish? Is the saddle in which the harp rests thick or thin? When selecting the height of harp, you need to consider the shade at eye level when seated by the lamp. Then, think about the appearance of the shade from a different level, say as you are entering the room. Sometimes, your choice in the height of the harp is a compromise.

At Edgar-Reeves, we consider lamps to be an investment in your lifestyle and for your lifetime. Our philosophy is that quality matters… it speaks for itself.

In creating and repairing lamps, we use all UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved parts. We offer a wide choice of cords in many colors and compositions to compliment the lamp, taking into consideration the surface on which the lamp will rest and the background of the room.

For hanging light fixtures, we provide a wide variety of chains and canopies in your desired finish.

We offer custom bases for lamps in lucite, wood and metal. Wooden bases can be turned or hand-carved. Again, an endless choice of finishes is available.

Last but not least, we consider the finial an important final factor. Sometimes you may want something very basic and non-descript that simply goes unnoticed. In other situations, you may want to select something special that is the “icing on the cake”. We actively acquire and stock beautiful and unusual lamp finials, including some vintage and antique choices.

Whether it is the lamp, the shade, the harp, the base, the cord or the finial, the total package must have the impact you desire. At Edgar-Reeves we think of the completed product as a work of art and among the most important accessories in any room.

Please stop by our showroom to explore the choices…


  • Bone/Cream/Ecru/Sea Blue silk box pleat
  • Oat linen box pleat
  • Bone/Cream/Ecru silk knife pleat
  • Ecru linen roll fold
  • Oatmeal linen roll fold
  • Natural/Ecru/Sea Blue silk overlay
  • Parchment paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Muslin
  • Pearl burlap
  • Cream/Ecru silk knife pleat drum
  • Cream/Ecru silk stretch drum
  • Cream linen knife pleat drum
  • Bone linen stretch drum
  • Black stretch drum
  • Bone/Cream/Ecru silk knife pleated flat-sided oval
  • Natural silk stretch oval
  • Bone linen stretch oval
  • Bone silk knife pleated rectangular
  • Natural silk stretch rectangular
  • Bone linen stretch rectangular
  • Bone linen stretch rounded square